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Adult Bible Fellowship

Compass: finding God’s direction for life

Like anything that lasts a long time, living a successful Christian life requires a strong foundation.  The Compass Adult Bible Fellowship exists to encourage those who are in the beginning stages of adult life. The focus of this fellowship group is on developing life priorities, establishing personal standards, and on finding/building a strong marriage. (You don’t have to be married to attend this class. In fact, this is especially designed for those who are not yet married or are just beginning married life.) Emphasis will be made on budgeting and personal finances, business ethics, and discovering God’s purpose for life. Scriptural studies will emphasize the Gospels, the wisdom texts (Proverbs and James), Sanctification, and Christology.

Leaders: Matthew and Becky Walker

LifeGrowth: learning to develop family strength through God’s Word

Whether married or not, by their early 30’s most people begin to settle into serious life. This usually consists of buying a house, trying to have children (if married), creating a routine, and establishing stability in career and home life. This is the time for serious life growth. The focus of this fellowship group is on developing consistency in the Christian life, parenting, and overcoming marital obstacles that are common with this stage of life. Emphasis will be made on transferring Christian beliefs to the next generation. Scriptural studies will emphasize the Genesis-Ezra, the doctrine of the church, and the doctrine of salvation.

Leaders: Jim and Deb Robbins

The Zone: achieving Biblical goals through life in God’s will

You know you’ve reached “the zone” when you wake up feeling more tired than when you went to bed. Typically this stage of life is when you hit the zenith of your career. Your responsibilities have never been greater. This is when your children become teens, go off to college, and begin to prepare for life on their own (including marriage). During this time you discover that your own parents are, all of a sudden, old and sometimes in desperate need of your help. The focus of this fellowship group is to learn how to transition successfully into mid-life and overcome obstacles that are destroying marriages throughout the rest of the world. The Scriptural studies will emphasize the 2nd Temple literature, Pauline Epistles, the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, and the doctrine of sin.

Leaders: Jim and Dianne Matzko

Redeployment: discovering new opportunities for service

Life ends, at least in the physical sense. We don’t like to think about it, but it’s true. People in this group often spend more time in the doctor’s office than anywhere else.  The focus of this fellowship group is to learn to serve God fully during retirement, developing a healthy marital relationship after the children have left the home, and cleaning up any financial messes that came along with the previous thirty-five years of living. Scriptural studies will emphasize the OT poetical books, Eschatology, and Angelology.

Leaders: Ricky and Ellen Jane Knox

Additional Bible Study: Ladies Bible Study

We host two Bible Studies (Cary & Fuquay Varina). The Bible study follows the traditional school year calendar beginning in September and ending in May. The Bible study groups meets on Tuesday evenings about twice a month during this time.

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