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Mission Trip Opportunities

  • 2017: Missions Trip to Utah, July 6-12
  • 2016: Gospel Life Church: Ft. Collins, Colorado, June 4-11
  • 2015: Crosspoint Baptist Church: Iowa City, Iowa
  • 2014: Lancaster Independent Baptist Church: Lititz, Pennsylvania
  • 2013: New York Gospel Mission: Manhattan, NY

Church Planting in the United States

ARCH Ministries

We are building a network of Bible-centered pastors, believers and churches of like faith and practice.

Pray that we would identify or plant one like-minded church in all 3,000+ counties by 2030!

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Bibles International

Bibles International Identity: Bibles International is the Bible Society of Baptist Mid-Missions.

Bibles International Purpose: Bibles International exists to advance Christ’s church through conservative Bible translation; supported by literacy, training, and publishing services; in worldwide partnership with individuals, churches, agencies, and institutions of like purpose and faith.

Daniel & Jennifer Arnold

  • Mission field: Nürnberg, Germany
  • Children: Caleb (2006), Lucy (2008), Phillip (2013), and Silas (2015)
  • Ministry: Church planting in Nürnberg, Teaching nationals through the ministry of The Theological Training Center

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Dan & Amy Baker

  • Mission field: Cardwell, North Queensland, Australia
  • Children: Josh (2005), Emma (2007), and Genevieve (2013)
  • Ministry: Church planting, Formal Bible training, Literature ministry
  • Long-term goal: To help with an orthodox, evangelistic Australian school run by an Australian board of directors and staffed by gifted, mature, fundamental Australians.

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Dave & Claudia Barba

  • Mission field: Church Planting in the U.S.
  • Our ministry is to:
    • Team up with church planters and assist them until they get the church established
    • Encourage struggling church planters
    • Preach revival meetings to strengthen existing churches.

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Barr Family


  • Mission field: Crosspoint Baptist Church, Iowa City, IA
  • Church planting in Iowa City, IA
  • Various gospel ministries for the community


Baptist World Mission

Baptist World Mission began in 1961, first serving in Chicago, IL.  Since its inception, the mission has sought to effectively serve its missionaries, their sending churches, and supporters.

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Tim & Ruth Bixby

  • Mission field: Bordeaux, France
  • Children: Micaiah, Miriam, Zacharie, and Gabriel
  • Ministry: Currently working to plant a church in the Val de France, a group of six cities north of Paris.

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Tom & Stephanie Boehm

  • Mission field: Italy
  • Children: Daniela (2010), Nino (2012), and Angelo (2013)
  • Ministry: Learning the language and culture, Helping various ministries in a local church
  • Goal: To plant indigenous churches in Italy and begin training the next generation of believers.

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Dave Canedy

  • Deputation Director of Baptist World Mission (home office – Alabama)
  • Ministry: Helping missionaries on deputation

Luke & Charlotte Crockett
  • Mission field: East Africa
  • Children: Cayden and Wes
  • Ministry: Church planting, Learning and preaching in French, Orphanage, Sports outreach

Diachenko Family




Durham Rescue Mission
The Durham Rescue Mission is a non-profit, long-term homeless shelter, providing food, clothing, permanent supportive housing, vocational training, Biblical counseling, job placement, education, accountability and much more to broken men, women and children in Durham, Chapel Hill and Raleigh.

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Jonathan & Racheal Facenda

  • Mission field: Gwangju, South Korea
  • Ministry: Church planting, ESL outreach to college students
  • Recently got their building and saw more people coming.

Gospel Fellowship Association

Gospel Fellowship Association seeks to assist missionaries through collaborating with local churches.

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James & Amy Greenwood
  • Mission field: Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Children: Jaden, Lauren, and Josiah
  • Ministry: Church planting, Training national pastors and leaders
  • Pray that they may plant another church in another area of the city by trained nationals.

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Brent & Karolyn Halstead

  • Mission field: Nairobi, Kenya
  • Children: Joanna, Sara, Wesley, and Finily
  • Ministry: Team work with two other families (the Fainses and the Simonsens) for Independent Baptist College of Ministry, whose graduates are actively involved in local churches and church planting

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Dan & Angie Huffstutler


  • Mission field: Nairobi, Kenya
  • Children: Karis (2003), Faith (2006), and Makayla (2008)
  • Ministry: Church planting, Training nationals through the ministry of East Africa Baptist School of Theology

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Steve & Marcia McLeans

  • Mission field: Abergele, Wales
  • Children: Maggie, Gwyneth, Amelia, and Beatrice
  • Ministry: Church-planting, focusing on leading Rhuddlan Evangelical Church in reaching a younger – very unchurched – generation.

Tim & Kim Melton
  • Mission field: Najoya, Japan
  • Children: Jonathan, Rachel, and Benjamin
  • Ministry: Church planting, Training national leadership
  • Pray for new church plant in the Midori ward and Japanese believers to grow and become bolder witnesses

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Sid & Susie Messer
  • Mission field: Manta, Ecuador
  • Children: Jared, Danielle, Luke and Lydia
  • Ministry: Church planting, Training nationals

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Seth & Cecilia Mohenu

  • Mission field: Ghana & West Africa
  • Children: Samuel, Timothy, Lilian, Maria, and Naomi
  • Local church pastor and African regional director of International Partnership Ministries.
  • Ministry: Church planting, Training national leadership
  • Pray for his health (diabetic) and for him to continue to stand for the truth

New York Gospel Ministries
New York Gospel Ministries is a mission effort that endeavors to evangelize the nations of the world by reaching the diverse communities in New York City. Currently, we fulfill this mission through the following facets of our ministry (church planting, mission teams, and food pantry).

Luiz & Ana Nunes

  • Mission field: Cape Verde Islands, West Africa
  • Children: Joseph, Arthur, Ana, and Jonathan
  • Ministry: church planting

Pacific Rim Missions
  • Mission field: Church-planting around Pacific Rim
  • Goal: To assist national believers and their local churches through:
    • Training pastors and leaders
    • Providing Ministry Resources
    • Supporting Ministry Projects

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Stephen & Veronica Poindexter

  • Mission field: Mukachevo, Ukraine
  • Children: Tabitha, Luke, Elizabeth, and Charis
  • Ministry: Currently in language training in Ukraine, church planting (Holy Trinity Baptist Church), training native leaders

Tim & Sarah Richmond
  • Mission field: Queens, New York
  • Children: Hannah, Lydia, Charlotte and Asher
  • Ministry: Urban church planting (Grace Baptist Church)

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Ben & Becca Sinclair

  • Mission field: Cameroon, Africa
  • Children: Drew, Kate, Emma and Faith Ann
  • Ministry: Has began three churches:
    • Faith Baptist (Bamenda)
    • Bible Baptist (Bambili)
    • Faith Baptist (Benakuma)
  • Trying to start three new churches by training nationals, Bible college (Faith Baptist Bible College)

Ben and Becca Sinclair

Brendon & Rose Song
  • Mission field: Paju (DMZ), S. Korea
  • Children: Lauren, Lyndsy, and Lilyanne
  • Ministry: Church planting, ESL program


Joey & Jenny Tacon
  • Mission field: Pisa, Italy
  • Children: Maddie, Alex
  • Ministry: Trying to plant a church in Pisa (2016), desiring to plant a church in the city of Vicenza near future, Teaching duties at Chiesa Biblica Battista di Grosseto

Michael & Marsha Talley
  • Mission field: Germany
  • Children: Benjamin, Elizabeth, Joshua, and John
  • Ministry: church planting (reaching families through their young kids)
  • Prayer requests: Recently lost a good amount of support, their daughter Elizabeth is getting married in Alabama, August, 2016.

Theo & Sarah van Reijn
  • Mission field: Landgraaf, Limburg, Netherlands
  • Children: Peter, Miriam, Luke, and Elizabeth
  • Ministry: Church planting (one-on-one and small group Bible studies) in Landgraaf
  • Goal: After establishing a mother church in Landgraaf, they want to focus on training nationals to plant other churches

Ken & Heather Wheelock
  • Mission field: Guayaquil, Ecuador
  • Children: Samuel, Emily, and Sofia
  • Ministry: Church planting (Faith Baptist Church), training nationals to plant churches

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David & Andrea White
  • Mission field: Santigago, Chile
  • Children: Savannah, Gabriel, and Caroline
  • Ministry: Church planting (Trinity Baptist Church)

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