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What We Believe

The Bible

  • The Bible is the verbally inspired Word of God preserved in 66 books.
  • Biblical preservation is God preserving the books of Scripture.
  • Biblical canonicity was determined by judging the writings of the Bible to be of apostolic origin, accepted as Scripture by the early church, and consistent with the Regula Fidei.
  • All other books that claim to be from God are false.
  • We disavow the apocrypha as being Scripture.
  • Gnostic “gospels” are false.
  • The Bauer-Erhman position on the Bible is heresy.
  • We interpret the Bible literally, historically (in context), and grammatically.
  • The Bible is authoritative.

The Trinity

God the Father

  • God is the supreme Being.
  • He exists in three Persons: Father, Son, and Spirit.
  • He does not have a body like man.
  • He is eternal, supreme, omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient.
  • God is love.
  • God is holy.
  • God is sovereign over all things.
  • He is not the author of evil.
  • Everything God does is for the highest possible good resulting in His own glory.

God the Son

  • He is God incarnate.
  • He is the eternal Son of God.
  • He was involved in creation.
  • He upholds all things by the word of His power.
  • He was without sin.
  • He died on the cross for the sins of mankind.
  • He rose from the dead.
  • He ascended into heaven.
  • He is returning someday to establish an earthly kingdom.
  • He will eternally dwell with His people in the New Jerusalem.

God the Holy Spirit

  • He is fully God.
  • He indwells and empowers every believer.
  • He restrains sin.
  • He participates in the prayers of God’s people.
  • He will be removed from His present activity at the Rapture of the Church.


  • He was created innocent, without sin.
  • He was created in the image of God (both male and female).
  • Both man and woman were given dominion over the earth.
  • In Adam, man fell from innocence into sin.
  • The results of Adam’s sin are:
    • Death (which is transcreational)
    • Sin is past from father to children
    • A curse upon the earth
    • Difficulty in childbearing


  • It is the good news that Jesus died for our sins, was buried, and rose again.
  • Salvation comes by grace through faith.
  • It is evidenced by confession that “Jesus is Lord” and by belief that “God raised Him from the dead.”
  • Salvation is a permanent state of being “in Christ.”
  • The Holy Spirit is given immediately to those who trust in Jesus.
  • Sin is eternally forgiven (past, present, and future) for those who are “in Christ.”


  • A church is a group of believers who gather together to worship God, follow Christ, and help each other in the process.
  • A church must worship God.
  • A church must emphasize the preaching and teaching of God’s Word.
  • A church must love each other.
  • A church must share the gospel with the unbelieving world.


  • We believe that God has divided His plan into dispensations.
  • The overall theme of the Bible is “the glory of God.”
  • Biblical interpretation is literal, grammatical, and historical (contextual).
  • Israel is distinct from the Church.

End Times

  • The Church will be caught away to meet Jesus in the air—this can occur at any moment as the Rapture is signless.
  • After the Rapture of the Church, God will bring judgment upon the earth in what is called the Tribulation.
  • After the Tribulation Jesus will return to earth. This is the Second Coming.
  • Those who have trusted in Jesus as Savior during this Tribulation and are still living will join Him in a thousand year reign upon the earth.
  • Those who rejected the gospel will be damned in the Lake of Fire.
  • During this thousand year earthly kingdom rule Satan will be bound.
  • At the end of the thousand years Satan will be released and will cause a final rebellion. Jesus will destroy those who follow Satan and consign him to the Lake of Fire eternally.
  • God will remake heaven and earth.
  • A Great White Throne will appear and a final resurrection will occur where death and hell deliver up the unsaved dead. They will be judged according to their works and cast into the Lake of Fire.
  • A new Jerusalem will come down out of heaven onto the earth.
  • Another resurrection will occur where the Old Testament saints along with the Tribulation saints will be resurrected to enjoy eternity with Jesus on the earth.